DANAIDAE / Milkweeds Colour plate

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The milk that the larvae consumes in the host plants contains poisonous glycosides, this will make the butterfly later on distasteful to birds.

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DANAIDAE Host Plants

Asclepias curassavica / Red Top; Scarlet Milkweed
Cynanchum angustifolium / Gulf Coast Swallowwort
Calotropis gigantea / French Cotton; Giant Milkweed
Sarcostemma clausum / White Twine Vine
Spigelia anthelma / Loggerhead Weed; Pink Weed, Worm

DANAIDAE Nectar Plants

Ageratum conyzoides / Billy Goat Weed
Antigonon leptopus / Corallila; Coralita
Asclepias curassavica / Red top; Scarlet Milkweed
Bidens alba var. radiata / Spanish Needles
Calotropis gigantea / French Cotton; Giant Milkweed
Crotalaria retusa / Yellow Sweet Pea; Rattle Box
Croton linearis / Rosemary
Cynanchum angustifolium / Gulf Coast; Swallowwort
Lantana aculeata / Lantana
Sarcostemma clausum / White Twine vine


Soldiers likes a sunny dry places.

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